Training Kits Training Kit Update

Training Kit Update

Finally finished the training kit and I got to say, it was very useful as a confidence booster tool. The instructions on how to build are, in my opinion, awful leaving to you to figure out how to do a lot of the work based on the drawings alone. From what I heard from other …

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Priming The Priming Wars

The Priming Wars

This topic was driving me crazy for weeks now. If you’re new to aircraft building you should know that there’s a never-ending war in regards to the proper (and best) way to protect your aircraft against corrosion. I hate this war, it makes so much harder for someone that is just trying to start to …

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Training Kits First Toolbox: Partial Failure

First Toolbox: Partial Failure

I started to play with my new tools by building the 1st of 4 training kits I have, a van’s toolbox. A classic first project for most aircraft builders out there. And I got to say, I’m not happy with the results at all! I guess this is OK, this was the goal of the …

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