Empennage Empenage Work Continues (5h)

Empenage Work Continues (5h)

Hey, I’ve been not keeping this blog up to date in real time but yeah, I’ve been working on the project. My goal was to work at least 1h a day during the week and then weekends for as long as I could. But a really bad flu kind of messed up my plans, but …

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Empennage Horizontal Stabilizer (6h)

Horizontal Stabilizer (6h)

As expected the right side did go much faster than the left side. I’ve made a small mistake, I was match drilling a hole using the 12 inch drill and I guess I let the drill bit move and enlarged the hole so I had to enlarge it from #40 to #30. Other than that, …

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Empennage Horizontal Stabilizer (2.5h)

Horizontal Stabilizer (2.5h)

I guess the excitment from my last post did not last that long, not because I was not excited about building but just because I decided to take some well deserved vacation and travelled to Hawaii. I just got back to the cold white north and back at building. I finished to prepare the left …

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Empennage Back at it! (8h)

Back at it! (8h)

OK. Life is finally getting back to normal and that means I can focus on building again.  Nothing major happened since I was out. Still working on the horizontal stabilizer. I’ll take some pictures this week to post. I’m at the point to start match drilling the skin in the left side of the horizontal …

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Empennage Rear Spar (3.5h) – Fixing my mistakes

Rear Spar (3.5h) – Fixing my mistakes

Man, it takes way longer to fix a mistake than just doing it right the first time. I know, this should not be a surprise, it is always like that.  After 3.5h of work I’m done fixing all mistakes I’ve made. I also used the -6 rivet as I said in the previous post and …

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Empennage Rear Spar (2h) – First Mistakes

Rear Spar (2h) – First Mistakes

OK. It’s been a few days since I last updated this blog and the reason why is because I was so pissed at myself that I did not want to come here. I knew I would make a mistake sooner or later, so I guess it’s best it was sooner. The first and most important …

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Empennage Rear Spar Assembly (2h)

Rear Spar Assembly (2h)

Time to really start the project now that I got my clecos and the right drill bits. I’m really taking my time before drilling anything because I’m still at the stage where I’m afraid to make mistakes. Pretty sure after the first couple of mistakes I’ll get more relaxed and start working faster. Manage to …

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Empennage Starting to build (1h)

Starting to build (1h)

I could not get too far this weekend because I realized that my tool “starter kit” does not have even close the number of clecos that I need. Really that starter kit is only good for the training kits. I placed the order for more clecos and a few drill bits that also did not …

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Empennage Empennage Arrived! (4.5h)

Empennage Arrived! (4.5h)

Finally the day has come! I was expecting to receive on August 23rd, which was also my birthday, making the perfect birthday gift but off course the packages were held by CBSA for customs and it took me a day to have Fedex clear the customs for me. They charged me $10 CAD to clear …

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