Is there anyone out there?

Is there anyone out there?

Alright, I’ve been doing a terrible job on keeping this blog up to date. But let’s try to catch up on a few things: 

In the last month, I had the chance to meet a lot of builders in my region and discuss some questions with them. After careful consideration and following what the majority of the builders around here have done I decided that I will not prime the entire airplane, only the mandatory parts and MAYBE (still thinking about it), the rivet lines.

I was making good progress on my build, and I’ll post the update soon, but life happened and I’m my free time is now completely filled by some training that I’m doing for my real work and because of that I did not touch the airplane project for a few weeks now. I’m still trying to sort out my schedule and decide how much time to put on it and how much to dedicate to my studies. I’m hoping I’ll be done with study thing soon and be able to dedicate all my time to the project.  

Anyone, this was just a quick update to tell everyone I’m here and the project it’s still alive. 

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