Training Kit Update

Training Kit Update

Finally finished the training kit and I got to say, it was very useful as a confidence booster tool. The instructions on how to build are, in my opinion, awful leaving to you to figure out how to do a lot of the work based on the drawings alone. From what I heard from other builders this is exactly what I’ll have to do with the real thing and, for the most part, it was ok.

Now, that being said, I’m definitely not happy with the results. Some of the mistakes I’ve made were due to lack of the proper tools, which off course, prompted me to buy even more stuff. I already lost track of how many times I visited Home Depot or how much money I gave them and I don’t think this is going to get any better. I did mention in another post that I did not want to buy a band saw and guess what, I really needed one. And it took me exactly 8 minutes for me to break the blade of the cheap band saw I got. To be fair, I was trying to cut aluminum angles with a crappy wood blade. 

My 2 major pain points with the wing section training kit were:

  1. the last rivet in the wing ribs. The plans call to build a custom bucking bar with mild steel but I just couldn’t find anywhere to buy a 1/8 inch thick mild steel plate on a Sunday so I just left this one open. (Not before scratching the entire rib trying to fit all sorts of stuff there)

     2.  And my biggest paint point. Rolling the leading edge. I did try using a 3/4 inch tube and follow the instructions on the Section 5 of the manual but oh man, it was a pain in the ass and the results just suck! At some point I just gave up and riveted the part promising to myself to learn a better way of doing this before trying in the real thing. 

Awful, I know.

I do have a second wing section kit. I may try to do it again after learning how to do it properly. I did not bother priming this one either because I was not happy with the primer results last time so I’m still deciding how to do this. 

On some better news, this week is my birthday and what best way to celebrate than by giving myself the best gift I could think of? That’s right. I just placed the order for the empennage kit! I was considering shipping the kit to the US border and driving there to pick it up but I did not think Fedex quote was that bad ($200 USD) to deliver to me at home and there was no savings for me if I had to take a day off at work and drive there to pick it up so all I have to do now is to wait! 

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